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​​​​​Greetings!!! My name is Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach.
​​​​​As a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, life coach & live blood analyst, my goal is to help you eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony to achieve optimum physical and mental health and wellness. 

I specialise in: 
* Womb health 
* Pregnancy Health 
* Premature Birth Prevention 
* Raw food nutrition 
* Natural weight management
* Healthy eating for children 
* Personalised diet & meal planning
* Life coaching & Personal development

Find out all the ways I can help you achieve great health below!!!


Eat For Health With Personalised Diet Planning
"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food"

There is no 'One-Size-Fits-All' diet that will suit everybody, so using a tried and test process called Metabolic Typing, I can help you discover the balance on nutrients that works best for your body, help you create a meal plan based around your ideal foods and help you stick to it with continued support. You'll benefit from meal plans, food lists, checklists and tools, all to help you make improving your diet easy, practical and delicious. 
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Discovery, Education & Empowerment With Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is a fascinating educational tool. It involves taking a drop of your blood from your finger, placing it under a high power microscope to magnify it 1000 times, giving you the opportunity to see the components of your blood live in front of you at a cellular level. You'll be able to see your red and white blood cells, platelets and other structures of the blood in their live state, which is truly fascinating.

Your blood in often referred to as the river of life, as it carries life sustaining oxygen to all your cells while removing carbon dioxide, your immune system's white blood cells travel through the blood and the plasma, which makes up the majority of your blood, carries various things, including fats, proteins, hormones and digested food.

*Please note, this is a fascinating process, but it's not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition and due to regulations from the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) , I am unable to share any specific health benefits it may offer. 

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Create Happiness & Success With Life Coaching & Personal Development
"We are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be"

It took me years, literally years to fully appreciate the link between my life, happiness, mindset, fears, beliefs and my health. But now that I've seen the huge impact that my thoughts, beliefs and happiness has on everything in my life, I'm committed to share it with as many people as possible. 

Alongside the nutritional advice and live blood analysis, I help clients get into vibrant action in their life, by identifying and removing blockages, defining who they are now and who they want to become and creating a plan to help them create the purposeful life many of us truly want and deserve. 

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Consultations, Programs & Prices
Here are the consultations and program I offer, however custom and bespoke programs can be created around you to suit your needs, time and budget. To discuss which program would be best for you, please feel free to book a free session to discuss which is right for you. 

***Please Note - Shortly after booking any program, you'll be emailed an initial questionnaire to complete and return  before your first session***

***Once you book your appointment, you'll be sent a payment link to fully confirm your appointment***

* Free Naturally You Planning Session
To determine which program or service is going to be right for you, please use the  option below to book a free 15min phone session with me - (Book here)

* Naturally You Taster Session  £55
During this 30min session, we'll do a basic live blood analysis, discover your basic metabolic type and receive dietary and lifestyle advice to get you started on your natural health journey. Book here, in the form below or Call 07957946947 to book now

* Quartz Holistic Coaching Session  £105
During this 90min session, we'll do a live and dry blood analysis, discover your advanced metabolic type, create a personalised diet plan for you, including food preparation and meal planning advice and we'll discuss how you can achieve your health goals holistically, with supplement & lifestyle recommendations. You'll also receive a full report within 24hrs via email & a 15min follow up call 7 days later. Call 07957946947 to book now

* Amethyst Holistic Coaching Program £199
This 4 week program consists of: 
- The initial 90min Quartz session 
- A full report & recommendations via email 
- 3 x 15min weekly follow up phone calls
- 1 x​​​​​​ 45min follow up appointment on week 4, with a repeat live blood analysis & diet & lifestyle recommendations. 
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* Carnelian Holistic Coaching Program £365
This 12 week program consists of: 
- The initial 90min Quartz session
- A full report & recommendations via email 
- 9 x 15min weekly follow up phone calls
- 3 x​​​​​ 45min follow up sessions with repeat live blood analysis, diet & lifestyle planning & advice every 4 weeks (on week 4, 8 & 12)
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To find out more about the programs above or to book one, please use the option below to book and free session with to discuss

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Clinic Locations & Upcoming Dates

Choose From Several UK Clinics
* Kettering (Main Clinic)
Weekly - Most Friday's - Sunday's
8am - 6pm 
Suite 2, 11 Market Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0AH - (10min from Kettering Station)

* London - 1 Sunday a month
1st Sept 2018 
12 - 9pm - £25 for 30min taster session
Black Market & Film Festival, West Green Learning Centre, West Green Road, Tottenham, London

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Client Testimonials

Here's some feedback from clients I've worked with over the years...
Thanks Leah for all your help
Before I did the diet plan with Leah, I felt like I had no energy and suffered with terrible headaches. After following Leah's great advice, I had so much energy, my dreaded headaches completely went and I lost weight. 

Leah is very professional but caring and friendly and I was amazed once i got the hang of it I didn't need to eat less, in fact I could eat more as long as I stuck to the foods on my list. The course taught me to listen to my body, which I wasn't doing before and to make conscious choices on what I'm eating every meal. 

I was able to find out what food I was intolerant to and gained overall wellbeing. Leah's advice is great, I'd definitely recommend that if you\re interested you give it a go, you'll feel so much better. If you follow the advice you'll see the benefits.  Thanks Leah for all your help" Chenize, (London, Mother of 1)
Highly recommended
“Working with Leah has changed the way i think about food for the better, before taking a metabolic test i was having a constant battle with finding the right food for me and almost every meal left me feeling sick uncomfortable and depressed, i was eating healthy and organic food but nothing seemed to be working.

I completed the 4 week metabolic typing programme with Leah and found out what foods would work for me. The meal plans and diary really helped as i could see what worked for me and what meals i should avoid. i now feel more in control of what i eat and overall feel more balanced and happy.

I would like to thank Leah for all the help and guidance she has given me over the years Highly recommended!” Allison Martin, Shamanic Healer
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